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A Pastor for Governor?

Why I'm Running for Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

Profiled on New England Cable News:

NECN's complete interview

I'm running for Governor of Massachusetts for just one reason -- to bring Biblical values back into the political arena here. These are the same values that still define the grassroots of the Republican Party.....

But the Mass GOP is controlled at the top by misguided souls who hate the light of Biblical truth. In every election they beguile the grassroots foot-soldiers with the same old "lesser-of-two-evils" deception, who then dutifully offer their life's-blood to try to elect another RINO out of fear that "the Democrat will be worse.

As I said, my main goal in running for Governor is to advocate Biblical values in the political arena. But my secondary goal is to make the Rino lose as a warning to the GOP that the conservatives will never again back an anti-family liberal republican.

I am offering my candidacy as the way for conservatives to prove to the Mass GOP that they have the means and the will to force the GOP to run and back true conservatives -- or lose every future election.

My background:
From the centers of influence in countries as diverse as Russia, England, Lithuania and Uganda to the humblest homes in the world’s poorest cities, Dr. Scott Lively has lived a life of service, on a global mission to make the world a better place in which to raise a family.

Inspired by hard-learned lessons from a childhood broken by a parent’s mental illness and an adolescence and youth lost to drugs and alcohol, Dr. Lively knows what it means to be "disadvantaged" and how to offer real solutions to real people. For him, it’s not just theory.

In his first career, Dr. Lively started as a minimally-skilled handy-man in Oregon, step-by-step over time creating his own building-trades collective of a over a dozen independent contractors offering "one call does it all" under the name Portland Handyman Service. He knows from twelve years personal experience the needs of Blue Collar workers, and how to run an organization that puts people to work in their chosen field.

In his second career, Dr. Lively became a Christian social activist and community organizer, working to stop the killing of unborn babies and promoting the protection of the natural family as the solution to many of society’s worst problems. He knows how to stand up for what’s right without caving in to political pressure. A Governor must have real backbone to make the right decisions in today’s cut-throat political climate. In his third career, with only a high school diploma, Dr. Lively went back to school for six hard years (while supporting a family and running a non-profit ministry), earning an Associates Degree, Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctor of Law (with special credentials in International Human Rights).

After earning his Law License he first launched a dispute resolution center in Sacramento, then a for-profit law partnership and a separate non-profit public interest firm in Southern California. While running both entities, Dr. Lively earned his Doctor of Theology degree. On this career path he learned not just the high value of education and the needs of White Collar workers, but also how to manage complex tasks and organizations, and maximize good results through multi-tasking: important skills for a Chief Executive to have.

In his fourth career, Dr. Lively became a full-time missionary pastor, taking what he had learned from short and long-term mission trips around the world and applying it to the needs of inner-city Springfield, MA. Arriving on January 5, 2008 with just their suitcases and a desire to help redeem one of America’s most troubled cities, Dr. and Mrs. Lively deliberately moved into one of the most dilapidated houses in the heart of the inner city to maximize their efforts to make things better.

"There is no better training for public service than being a missionary," said Dr. Scott Lively. "Most politicians are driven by a desire for power and prestige, but what the people really need is someone who can empathize with them and set their own interests aside to serve the public good, even when the ‘special interests’ make them pay a price for it. I think I have the best resume for the job in this field of candidates."

This November 4, vote for a true public servant, independent of the mud-slinging "two-party" system and control by special interests and the love of money. VOTE SCOTT LIVELY